Digital X-Rays

Your regular dental visits to Briarwood Dental are essential because they allow our dentists to check in with you every six months to monitor your oral health. One of the things we do at your checkup is perform a visual exam to look for obvious problems like cavities or gum disease.

But we also need to back up these exams with routine digital dental x-rays so that we can see what’s happening inside your tooth. Digital x-rays are usually the only way we can identify many problems like cavities and gum disease while they’re small and easy to treat. 

We are about your well-being, so we take digital dental x-rays that expose you to about 70 percent less radiation than x-rays that use film. For further protection, we always provide our patients with a lead apron when we take digital x-rays.

How Often Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

For many patients, we take digital x-rays once a year. However, our dentists may determine that you need more frequent x-rays if:

  • We’re monitoring dental conditions
  • We’re checking on the results of a certain treatment
  • You have a history of gum disease or tooth decay

If you’re a new patient and don’t have current x-rays, we need to take new ones so we can monitor your oral health going forward. We may recommend digital dental x-rays for children to see how adult teeth are developing in the jaw. 

The Benefits of Using Digital X-Rays

Aside from dramatically reduced radiation exposure, digital dental x-rays offer other benefits:

  • If we find a small cavity on your digital x-ray, we can fix it with a simple filling. If we don’t see it until we do a visual exam, chances are that it’s done more damage to your tooth, and you may need a root canal instead of a filling.
  • Since the x-ray images are digital, we can display them on your chairside monitor. Our dentists can enlarge or zoom in on the image so you can clearly see the problem. Helping you understand the need for treatment so you can make confident decisions is an important part of what we do.

Leading-Edge Digital Dentistry

There are many ways we use digital dentistry to improve your experience, and x-rays are just one of them. If you’re getting a dental implant placed, our dentists will use state-of-the-art cone beam imaging (CBCT) because it provides a 3-D view of your entire mouth. Knowing where to place the implant before they begin surgery results in more positive long-term results.

Intraoral cameras are another example of how digital dentistry helps you understand your oral health needs. A small digital camera takes real-time images of your teeth in great detail, and we can point out areas of concern so you can see why we recommend treatment.

Please Call to Schedule Your Next Dental Exam

Your safety is important to us, so we never recommend x-rays unless we know they’ll benefit your oral health. We would love to explain how digital dentistry allows us to provide you with the highest standard of oral health care.

If it’s time for your next dental exam and teeth cleaning or your first ever visit, please call Briarwood Dental to arrange an appointment!

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