Silver and White Fillings

Fillings are necessary when bacteria has penetrated and damaged a tooth in the form of decay (also known as a cavity). Depending on the amount of tooth that has been effected, a filling may cover from one to four surfaces of a tooth.
VIDEOS: Alternative Restoration Materials, White Fillings


Crowns are recommended for teeth that have large existing fillings, for teeth that cannot be restored with a simple filling or that have had previous root canal therapy. Crowns provide stability and additional strength to teeth that might otherwise be very weak and break.
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Bridges are recommended for replacing teeth that are missing. A bridge is a good option for replacement when an implant may not be financially feasible and a bridge is a more permanent solution than a removable partial denture. Bridges help prevent teeth from shifting and help provide even biting.
VIDEOS: 3-Unit Bridge Procedure

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is necessary for a tooth with infection that has been introduced into the tooth by a deep cavity or a fracture. A root canal is also necessary if the nerve of the tooth dies due to trauma. A root canal seals the nerve canal of the tooth to prevent pain and further infection.
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