Do you have what it takes?

Dental Assisting is a GREAT career for men and women of ANY age!

  • Do you pay attention to detail?
  • Do you enjoy being with and talking to people?
  • Do you have good organizational skills?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Are you empathetic?
  • Are you loyal and reliable?

Assist to Succeed has successfully operated since 2005 and currently has 60 sites across the U.S. Unlike most programs, ATS provides actual training on site in an actual dental office. This enables ATS to provide superior training facilities to students and allows students to gain more practical skills. The ATS program was developed by dentists to help provide training and produce exceptional dental assistants. Employment of Dental Assistants is expected to grow by 25% from 2012 to 2022!

Things You Need to Know

Time: Classes are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every Saturday for 10 weeks. Students must be on time and attend ALL classes.

Tuition: There is a discount for early sign up and paying in full.

Books: All text books are included.

Supplies: All supplies are included.

Clinical Attire: You will be required to purchase a set of “class scrubs.” These have been pre-selected and are available at Green River Scrubs in Bowling Green. They are aware of the style and will give 20% school discount. Close-toed shoes are required.

Instructors: Kevin Clemmons, DMD, is a Bowling Green dentist with over 30 years experience.

All other instructors are Expanded Duty Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Hygienists with many years of experience in dentistry.

Externship: Each student will be required to complete a 30 hour externship in a working dental office. These hours will be available at Briarwood Dental. Students may also obtain their externship on their own.

Located: Briarwood Dental at 1042 Fairview Avenue, Bowling Green, KY 42103.

Licensed by: The Kentucky Comission on Proprietary Education

Class Schedule

Week 1: Intro to Dental Terminology, Anatomy, Instruments & Equipment, OSHA & HIPPA Intro

Week 2: Four Handed Dentistry, Instrument Transfer, Isolation Techniques, Assistant Positions, Handpiece Maintenance

Week 3: Radiology Theory and Practice, Radiation Safety, Darkroom Procedures

Week 4: Amalgam & Composite Materials, Instrumentation, Tubs & Trays

Week 5: Cements & Liners, Alginate Impressions, MIDTERM WRITTEN EXAM

Week 6: Oral Surgery and Periodontics Instruments, Materials & Procedures, Sterilization of Instruments

Week 7: Crown & Bridge Instruments and Impression Materials, Temporaries, Bites

Week 8: Endodontic Instruments, Materials and Procedures, Orthodontics, Job Interview Techniques

Week 9: Office Management, Front Desk Operation, Appointments, Billing and Insurance, Office Management Software, Tooth Charting Practice, Final Exam Review

Week 10: Pediatric Dentistry and FINAL EXAM (Written and clinical) GRADUATION!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is "Assist to Succeed" located?

Classes are held at the Briarwood Dental office in Bowling Green, KY.

How long are classes?

Classes will be on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for 10 weeks. Lectures will be in the morning and the afternoon session will be all “hands on” learning in the clinic.

Are books and supplies included in tuition?

Yes! We have included the cost of all books and supplies in tuition. However, students will be required to purchase scrubs for class and to wear during their externship. Students will receive a 20% off discount on our pre-selected scrubs at Green River Scrubs.

Can a "front office" dental employee benefit?

Absolutely! The more dental knowledge an employee has, the more valuable they become. Imagine having the flexibility to do everything in the dental office!

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